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Upcycle Ideas and Tutorials

Do you have a hankering to upcycle some of your own trash? Here are a few ideas and instructions to get you started. Throw a dash of your own imagination, and you'll have some fascinating artifacts to showcase before long! 



  • Old Jeans into Gardening Overalls
    Check out this Thread Heads video that shows you how to turn two pairs of old jeans into functional gardening (or workshop-ready) overalls.

  • Making a Bowl out of a Coffee Can Lid
    The bottom of a tin coffee can can make an interesting bowl that can then be painted and finished as-is or soldered to a small length of pipe and a smaller can bottom as a base for a tall fruit bowl.

  • Sneaker Sole Rubber Stamps
    Old sneakers or other shoes often have really neat patterns on the soles. Take advantage of the rubber material even after the rest of the shoe is past its shelf life...

  • Sock Elves
    Take old, mismatched socks and make these adorable sock elves. A great upcycle craft for kids.